Seamless Mobile Connectivity

New LEED buildings use Low-E glass which reduces signal strength by 97%
  • Seamless Mobile Connectivity

What's The Problem?

Environmental factors prevent radio frequencies from entering building, leading to connection problems with time critical voice and data.


What Are The Benefits?

DAS provides market differentiation by facilitating "information-enabled buildings" to stay connected and meet technology demands for client retention.  

  • Track and record service calls in real time
  • Wireless sensors for building equipment
  • Operational efficiency
  • Reduced energy costs: monitoring & controlling energy usage

Market Statistics

  • Mobile connectivity is expected to overtake LAN, accounting for 74% of device connectivity by 2018
  • 61% of large offices and 1/3 of large apartment complexes have poor reception
  • Low-E glass market is 15B SF will reach $700M revenue by 2020 vs $84M today
  • Green building share of new construction in U.S. increased to 44% in 2012 and is expected to be 55% by 2016