The 10-4 SCI in a nutshell

NEW Whoop Small Cell Interface
Head-end (10-4 SCI)

Indoor Wireless Cell Phone Coverage for all Tier 1 Wireless Service Providers

This Customer Owned and Managed Solution offers a small cell interface head-end (10-4 SCI), which enables the enterprise to use customer back-hauled small cell & femtocell solutions made available by Tier 1 Carriers to the enterprise.  


DAS Stats

DAS Stats

Whoop Multi-Sector Amplifier Array

The Whoop Wireless Multi Sector Amplifier Array features the Whoop Small Cell Interface Head-end (10-4 SCI) which enables enterprises to distribute multiple femtocell or small cell signals to a coverage area 10x larger than the area a typical femtocell can cover alone. Medium-size enterprises face increasing wireless infrastructure investments as the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) approach is adopted for voice and data communications. CIOs need cost-effective indoor wireless coverage solutions that support the bands of Tier 1 wireless service providers (WSPs). Whoop Wireless’ 10-4 SCI permits back-hauled signal sources to be used exclusively, or in conjunction with, over-the-air channelized repeaters (OTARs). Whoop’s 10-4 SCI supports up to ten signal inputs (femtocells, small cells, OTARs) covering an area up to 250K square feet, and two 10-4 SCI‘s can serve up to 500K square feet. Whoop Wireless’ 10-4 SCI input ports and graphical user interface (GUI) enable signal source capacity to be simulcasted, or mapped to specific coverage zones, based on enterprise capacity requirements and available signal source capacity.

10-4 SCI Key Features
  • Supports up to 10 WSP small cell signal inputs, or OTAR
  • 4 discrete coverage zones permitting capacity management and supporting sectorization & densification
  • Capacity distributed over 10x the typical femtocell coverage footprint 
  • 2 OTAR interface ports simulcast throughout the venue 
  • 8 small cell interface ports switchable into a maximum of 4 coverage zones 
  • Supports MIMO & SISO operation 
  • Remote access and control of entire system using intuitive GUI 
  • Wall-mountable, rack-mount kit available 
  • AC/DC wall adapter 5 Volts 

Game-changing technology that
will revolutionize the way in-building wireless is delivered!

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